[About the CEO]

Audrey Williams-Jackson

Audrey Jackson is a highly skilled and experienced Tax Pro, located in Central Florida, with a passion for helping individuals and businesses navigate the complex world of taxation. With 8 years of experience in the field, Audrey has gone from Corporate America to now running a six-figure tax office.

Audrey has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and holds a Certificate of Completion for the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP).

Audrey’s introduction to the tax industry was through an unfortunate event – a fraudulent tax return filed in her name, claiming a business she had never owned. This led to an audit, which initially terrified her. Determined not to be a victim of fraud again, she took it upon herself to learn the tax code and navigated that audit successfully.

From that point on, she began filing her own taxes and helping others – family, friends, and colleagues.

She gained valuable experience by working under Liberty Tax for two tax seasons, soaking up as much knowledge as possible. Then shifted her focus to working under a Service Bureau for another tax season, continuing to learn and grow her skills.

What started as a personal quest to protect herself from a fraudulent tax return has grown into a thriving tax business and writing an online self-paced tax course, Tax IQ Academy. It’s her mission to help others navigate the complexities of the tax system and avoid the pitfalls that she experienced firsthand.

[What We Have to Offer]

Why Choose Us


Because we’ve been there and done that. When you choose us, you’ll feel the benefits of individuals that had to learn the tax code for themselves due to tax preparers in the past filing erroneous tax returns on their behalf.


Clients often return to us because we’re proactive. We are committed to providing the highest level of client service, from our responsiveness to client queries to the accessibility of team members when you need them.

Results Driven

Because we focus on the bottom line. For us, it’s all about what adds value for you and your business. Above all, we want to see your business prosperous.


We are more than just number crunchers. We treat every situation as unique and provide advice that you can trust – whether that is through expert tax preparation, business credit or strategic advisory. What sets us apart is that we are not afraid to question the ‘norm’, and to ask you ‘what if’, in order to find innovative ways to increase your business or personal wealth.


What Our Clients Say

October 13, 2022


Audrey and her team is quick! I called her about a gig I found and couldn't locate my tax docs, EIN and LLC docs and she had them over to me in less than 3 minutes. Their customer service is definitely on point.