We Help Your Growing Business

We strive to make life simpler and less stressful, that’s why we utilize easy-to-use technology that is dependable, fast, and accurate. We understand that tax filing can be confusing. We also believe that everyone should be able to file their federal and state taxes on time with the proper support, no matter how complex their situation is. When you file with LAT Financial Group, you won’t be surprised with any additional fees, our prices are based on the kind of support you want. Every client receives phone and email help from start to finish.

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What We Have to Offer


We help clients make informed decisions and provide advice for those seeking ways to grow their businesses.


We provide and compile legally required corporate documentation for our clients’ businesses and start-ups.


Our staff are professional tax practitioners that can handle all of your personal, business or corporate needs.


We provide bookkeeping services and can manage daily transactions, including payroll and taxes.


What Our Clients Say

  • "Lady A taxes is prompt and professional. If a question is asked and the answer is unknown, she will find the answer in an ample amount of time!!!!"

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    • Sheeca