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Audrey Jackson is a seasoned Tax Pro located in Central Florida, with over 10 years of comprehensive experience in the tax industry. Her unwavering passion lies in aiding individuals and business owners navigate the complex tax landscape. Audrey’s track record spans from a corporate career to currently overseeing a thriving tax office with over 25 tax preparers under her leadership.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and active participant in the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP), Audrey secures her place in the IRS database for recognized and proficient tax professionals. This accreditation signifies her dedication to staying current and qualified within the tax realm.

Audrey Jackson

Audrey’s introduction into the tax field stemmed from a distressing incident. A fraudulent tax return, falsely claiming ownership of a business in her name, triggered an audit. Determined to shield herself from future fraud, she took it upon herself to master the tax code, ultimately triumphing in navigating the audit.

This pivotal experience propelled Audrey to not only manage her tax affairs but also extend her expertise to assist others, including family, friends, and colleagues. She honed her skills during tenure with Liberty Tax for two tax seasons, absorbing invaluable insights. Further enriching her proficiency, Audrey devoted another tax season to working under a Service Bureau, continuously expanding her knowledge base.

Why Choose Us

Because we’ve been there and done that. By choosing us, you benefit from individuals who’ve personally delved into the tax code after previous tax preparers filed inaccurate returns on their behalf.

Our clients return to us and refer others because of our accessibility. We’re devoted to delivering the highest level of client service, from our responsiveness to client queries to the accessibility of team members when you need us.

Industry Recognition
Our team comprises of seasoned experts acknowledged within the IRS database as qualified tax professionals and IRS-Approved continuing education providers.

We are more than just number crunchers. Every client is treated uniquely, delivering reliable expert counsel whether it’s tax preparation, business credit, or strategic advisory. What sets us apart is our courage to question conventions and explore ‘what if’ scenarios, aiming to innovate and enhance your business and personal wealth.

What started as Audrey’s personal mission to safeguard herself against fraudulent tax practices has blossomed into a thriving tax enterprise. This journey led to the creation of Tax IQ Academy, an IRS-approved online continuing education platform. Audrey not only established this academy but also shares her expertise with tax preparers throughout the U.S., through the LAT Financial Tax Affiliate Partner Program where she guides others in launching, growing, and expanding their own tax offices. Audrey’s unwavering dedication revolves around assisting individuals in navigating the complexities of the tax system, ensuring they avoid the pitfalls she once faced firsthand.

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